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Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC)

Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) manufacturer of diesel engines with its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, USA, is a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America LLC, and is in turn property of Daimler AG in Germany. The company produces engines and chassis components for on-highway and professional for the commercial vehicles market. Detroit Diesel has built more than 5 million engines since 1938, of which more than 1 million are still in operational around the world. The Detroit Diesel product line includes engines, axles, transmissions and spare parts for the marketed components.


MDC ITALIA SRL as the official representative is able to offer the full range of “spare parts” for the following DETROIT DIESEL series of engines:


40-50-60 series (four cycle)

53-71-92-149 series (two cycle)

In addition to the full range of spare parts such as cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods, engine blocks, oil pumps, water pumps, fuel pumps, injectors, tappets, timing gear, etc.
the following “engine repair kits” are available:
40-50-60 series (four cycle) and 53-71-92-149 (two cycle)


Top Revision Kit
  • pistons
  • cylinder liners
  • rod bushings
  • valves
  • head studs series
  • emery series
Overhaul Kit
  • pistons
  • cylinder liners
  • rod bushings
  • valves
  • head stud series
  • engine gaskets series
  • crankshaft oil seal series
  • connecting rod and bench bearings
  • shoulders guide
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