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MDC’s headquartes overlook the port of Genoa, the warehouse and workshop are located in Lavagna (30 km east of Genoa) and its subsidiary – MDC FRANCE – in Marseille.

The warehouse and workshop cover an area of 1000 square meters. A two-story building equipped with tests rooms and a chassis dynamometer, where engines and spare parts are stored.

Our “mission” is not just to sell the engines and their components, but to provide the assistance and know-how from the design phase of industrial and/or marine equipment to their installation and test approval.

Our organization covers the whole of Italian and French territories.


MDC Group

Founded in 1958 as MARINE DIESEL CENTER Distrubutor of GM-DDC engines, with the specific task to develop sales in the Italian marine market, focusing mainly on pleasure craft applications, work and fishing boats, on-board generators and military applications.

In 1993 the name changes into MDC – Detroit Diesel Italia S.p.A
In that same year DDC entrusts MDC with the distribution of engines for the Côte d’Azur from the Italian border to Marseille. The Associated Company MDC France is created to take care of this new position.
As of January 1st 1994 Detroit Diesel Corporation entrusts MDC with the responsibility of the complete industrial and marine line of DDC products for the Italian territory.
With the changes of ownership of DDC, MDC is left with the task of being Service Center for the entire Detroit Diesel product line.
As of January 1st 1996, MDC is appointed as exclusive distributor of Scania Industrial and Marine Engines for the Italian territory, taking over from VM Motori.

From 2000 MDC France diversifies its line of products by introducing the sales of the Swedish MJP waterjets.As of 2009, MDC France is also the distributor of Boni SISU Diesel marine engines.

As of October 2010, with the passing of the distribution Scania engines to the Italian branch Italscania SpA, MDC is appointed Scania Dealer for industrial and marine engines.

In January 2009, MDC France completes its range of marine engines by distributing Guascor Power engines ranging from 18 to 48 liters.

As of March 2012, with the acquisition of the representation for BF Germany and KS KOLBENSCHIMDT, the MDC Parts Division is created.

In June 2012 the name changes into MDC Italy Srl

In November 2012 MDC is appointed agent of Sandfirden Technics gas engines for the Italian territory.

Affiliated Company

MDC France is an importer and distributor of marine engines and water jets. It offers sales, after sale and supply of spare parts for various brand names. Areas of expertise:

  • Marine propulsion jets for Marine Jet Power
  • Marine Engines
    • Distribution of Guascor marine engines
    • Distribution of Boni marine engines
  • Spare parts for marine engines


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Fax: +39 010 532759


Gabriele Casiraghi
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